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Weather station

I wanted to add a weather station to my home automation system for a number of reasons...

  • watering lawn (temperature, season, moisture, dew point)
  • weather (temperature, chance of rain)
  • historical (collect data over years)

In 2006, I bought the weather station WS2300 and integrated it in a number of ways.

  • I have a sizable MySQL database, so using the mysql2300 module, I stick weather data into the database every 10 minutes
  • I wanted also contribute to the NOAA Citizens Weather project.

You can find my station and the recent weather graphs from the CW sites.

I have (as of writing this) 150,417 rows of weather data, six years every ten minutes. I can data mine weather patterns.

Here is a more recent version of the Ambient Weather WS-5300 Wireless Home Weather Station