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To Be Or Not To Be

I find it interesting, that many people "need" to put me in a box called CTO or VPEng.

Reminds me of [ancient] Mork and Mindy, where a psychologist got miffed, when Mork successfully stuck a round peg in a square hole... ("how did he do it?" "I don't care... he ruined by block test")

  • A CTO dreams up technologies, solutions, has little constraints
  • A VPEng deals with processes, Quality, releases, schedules, mentoring
  • An Architect Designs systems (the more systems you know, the more choices for "the" right technology you have)

All three deal with technology. In all three scenarios, the more technologies you know, the more effective you can be in your job.
All three titles are ok with me -- I find out what the job needs the most, and just keep doing that.

The best thing you can do, is to never stop learning. Never stop being curious.
Never stop learning new languages, platforms, paradigms, algorithms.

The day you stop... the end (of your career, or in sad places, the end of your usefulness) is near.

There is no harm in actually knowing, what you're talking about (except in some corporations) -- sort of why I never wear a tie to an interview... If a tie is required, then it's not the right place for me to work at. Natural selection.

I run an ISP at home (60+ sites/domains). No profit, no revenue (so it doesn't interfere with my day-time job).
I give web sites and bandwidth, in [almost] every programming language, platform, database for free.
This is one of the ways I keep up with technology, and how the internet is changing.

I simply cannot count the number of times, when the experience of running the ISP has not benefited the "day time job" in some manner.